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Spectrum is a vehicle for stimulating thought, expressing opinions, and exchanging information about the people and events that help shape Lake Forest College. It is published two times a year and distributed free of charge to alumni, faculty, students, parents, and friends of Lake Forest College. Articles do not necessarily represent official College policy. Comments and article suggestions are welcome.

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Winter 2014

  • March 6 
    Read our “All-Access” brand statement here. More »
  • March 4 
    A list of Foresters who recently passed. More »
  • March 4 
    To submit a class note, log on to our online community at forestersforever.com or e-mail spectrum@lakeforest.edu. More »
  • March 4 
    Lake Forest College’s proximity to Chicago provides opportunities for students wanting to establish careers in business. And with such course offerings as Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship—and the College’s new minor in entrepreneurship starting in the Fall 2014 semester—current students are now getting more preparation than ever for starting up businesses of their own. More »
  • March 4 
    The next five years will be an active, productive time at the College, based on an ambitious new strategic plan that will strengthen academic programs, prepare students for success, improve the campus and enhance our reputation. Endorsed by the Board of Trustees in October 2013, the new plan is entitled “Planning Priorities for Lake Forest College: 2013–2018.”
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Spring 2010

  • August 18 
    After the story of Grace Groner ‘31 and her $7 million gift to Lake Forest College appeared on the front page of the March 5, 2010, Chicago Tribune, the news quickly went viral. Traffic on the College’s Web site spiked over 600 percent, and more than 100 tweets cited it on Twitter. For two weeks, it was among the top five most-read articles on the Tribune Web site.  More »
  • August 17 
    The Grace Groner fund will give 32 Groner Scholars the opportunity to study abroad and help finance domestic internships for students.  More »
  • August 18 
    Trader Steve Prosniewski ‘88 talks with Spectrum about co-producing an intriguing documentary that examines the evolution of futures trading in Chicago.  More »
  • August 18 
    Thanks to dozens of student volunteers, the Environmental Studies program breaks ground on a vegetable garden – and builds community along the way. More »
  • August 18 
    What’s new at Lake Forest College
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