Lake Forest College In the News

  • December 17Image preview
    Inspired during his philosophy class, the Elgin native is organizing a concert to raise money for the Community Crisis Center and Food for Greater Elgin. Read the full story, published in the Daily Herald, here.
  • December 12Image preview
    Chicago Book Review posted a three-star review of Titanic, the Cecilia Corrigan book published by Lake Forest College Press.
  • December 10Image preview
    In Chicago Splash, President Stephen Schutt says Lake Forest felt like home almost immediately when he arrived more than a decade ago.
  • December 5Image preview
    The poetry book, Titanic, published by Lake Forest College Press is among the 10 best books printed by academic publishers in 2014, according to
  • December 4Image preview
    Ann Maine, a senior lecturer in the biology department, was re-elected president of the Lake County Forest Preserve District for a third consecutive term.
  • December 1Image preview
    Bulgaria’s BiTelevision livestreamed an entrepreneurial marketing presentation by Stefan Zaharinov ’15 and interviewed the Bulgarian native for a two-minute news story.
  • November 26Image preview
    An article examining the economic impact of violent unrest in Ferguson, Mo., cited research conducted by A.B. Dick Professor of Economics and Business Robert Baade.
  • November 24Image preview
    A Bulgarian news team’s interest in the “Innovative Solutions” presentations earned a mention by the online Daily North Shore.
  • November 24Image preview
    President Stephen Schutt was interviewed over lunch about the College’s mission to help students attain rewarding and productive careers.
  • November 17Image preview

    A paper clarifying the “peculiar economics” of husbands and wives in developing countries earned Amanda Felkey the Best Paper Prize from the European Journal of Development Studies.

  • November 17Image preview
    The Chicago Tribune wrote a story about Mickey Greeneway and Holly Lesperance who “juggled books, kicks and sticks” by competing in overlapping sports.
  • November 17Image preview
    An excerpt from Assistant Professor of Religion Benjamin Zeller’s newest book, Heaven’s Gate: America’s UFO Religion, was posted on Salon, a progressive news website.
  • November 4Image preview

    Roommates in the residence halls at Lake Forest College have a new tool to help them manage their roomie relationships. Read the Chicago Sun-Times story about the software, introduced by the College last spring, here

  • October 29Image preview
    Chicago magazine selected Laura Hilstrom’s ’00 job as one of the six most “fascinating” in the city.
  • October 22Image preview
    In a Huffington Post column, Professor of English Davis Schneiderman, normally a believer in playing with others’ words and appropriating text, chides an imposter who claims Davis’s father died, when in actuality, Phil Schneiderman is very much alive. Read his view on the matter in this post here.