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News and Events

Lake Forest College In the News

  • April 3 Ahmad Sadri 
    Gorter Professor of Islamic World Studies and Professor of Sociology Ahmad Sadri was interviewed on April 3 on NPR’s Worldview program talking about the scientific revolution of Iran and Central Asia between the ninth and twelfth centuries. The interview aired here on Chicago’s WBEZ 91.5 FM.
  • February 5 Enrique Treviño 
    When a local newspaper reporter was doing a story on big numbers, she turned to Associate Professor of Math Enrique Treviño for answers.
  • February 1 Kevin Curameng ’18 | Chicago Tribune 
    Kevin Curameng ’18 was recently featured in a Chicago Tribune article on his professional career at Walgreen’s corporate office in Deerfield and his time at Lake Forest College, where he double majored in finance and politics and was a student-athlete.
  • January 23 Chloe Johnston (left) and Coya Paz Brownrigg 
    Kelly Leonard ’88 interviewed Associate Professor of Theater Chloe Johnston and Coya Paz Brownrigg on WGN-Radio about their new book Ensemble-Made Chicago, which looks at the unique way that Chicago theater artists develop original content in a collaboration with their fellow artists and audiences.
  • January 15  
    Lake Forest College is highlighted in a Forbes travel story on the historic Deer Path Inn in downtown Lake Forest. Click here to read the article.
  • December 21 Rebecca Graff 
    Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the American Studies Program Rebecca Graff is featured in the January 2019 issue of Chicago magazine.
  • December 10    
    The new book Associate Professor of Theater and Performance Studies Chloe Johnston co-wrote with a colleague at DePaul University was featured in the Chicago Reader.
  • December 4 Ben Zeller 
    Associate Professor of Religion Ben Zeller was featured recently on Interfaith Voices about the connections between food, culture, and religion, and in Vox on the idolization of CEOs. 
  • October 31 Holly Swyers 
    Associate Professor of Anthropology and Chair of Sociology and Anthropology Holly Swyers was interviewed on adulting for a piece that appeared in CityLab this week.
  • October 24 Khoogas Mekaelian '11 
    Spanish major Khoogas Mekaelian ’11, now a Major League Baseball strength coach, was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune “Shout Out” section.
  • October 8 Rebecca Graff 
    Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the American Studies Program Rebecca Graff was featured in the news recently for her archaeological work on the Chicago World’s Fair.
  • October 8 Ahmad Sadri 
    National Public Radio turned to Professor of Sociology and Islamic World Studies Ahmad Sadri for his perspective on terrorist attacks in Iran and hostility against President Donald Trump at the U.N. General Assembly.
  • October 5 President Stephen Schutt 
    An interview with President Stephen Schutt appears in the October issue of Catalyst, an Illinois Science & Technology Coalition publication.
  • October 3 Nu Rho Psi members volunteered at Lambs Farm's Fall on the Farm fest. 
    Fifteen members of the College’s Nu Rho Psi chapter volunteered at Fall on the Farm at Lambs Farm in Libertyville on Sunday and were included in a news story in the Chicago Tribune.
  • August 22    
    When the Worcester Business Journal ran an in-depth story on a proposed sports stadium and hotel development, they quoted top sports economists from across the country, including Ernest A. Johnson Professor of Economics Rob Baade.