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Kiersten Kolstad

“I am proud of the energy I invested into my career while doing the In The Loop program. When I wasn’t interning at Second City or taking classes, I spent my time in theater productions and student films. By doing so, I learned a lot about myself and made connections I carry with me to this day.”

How did you choose your area of study?

I felt like studying theater and history could lead to career opportunities in fields I was interested in while still focusing on my academic interests. As a result, I stayed passionate about learning throughout college. I knew I wanted to be involved in theatre after college, and I felt that the history major, in conjunction with the theatre major, would help me pursue more opportunities in theatre such as education or dramaturgy.

What did you think of the faculty?

Amazing! I always tell people the faculty are absolutely amazing at Lake Forest College.  With the small class sizes I have gotten to know my professors over the years and they have always inspired me to do my best. They have also opened my eyes to career opportunities I never would have thought of and have been helpful in answering questions regarding post-grad life.

More information to share?

The best thing about the Lake Forest College is how many opportunities there are. I entered school as a tennis player thinking I was going to major in communication. However, I ended up working in the theater department, double majoring in two subjects I am passionate about, and took on some eye-opening internships. Saying “Yes, And…” to the opportunities around me really changed me as a person.