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Karen Taboada


Assistant Director of Admissions

Phone number



Transfer (Oakton Community College)

High School

Buffalo Grove High School

College and Major

BA - Communication
Lake Forest College - Lake Forest, IL

Working for the College since


My life before Lake Forest

Before coming to Lake Forest College, I was a Digital Ad Coordinator at Scranton Gillette Communications, a publishing company.

One word or phrase to describe myself


Top three reasons I would choose to attend Lake Forest College

The class sizes permit for a more personal interaction between professors and students. They really do know you by name! There are plenty of resources that help students succeed. From their first year studies advisors to staff at the Career Advancement Center. Location! With its proximity to the city, students have access to more opportunities outside the classroom. 

What character traits do I appreciate in an applicant?

Motivated. A student who is passionate about their goals will certainly reach them.

What makes the College unique?

For a small liberal arts college, it attracts students from such diverse backgrounds. This makes for a great community filled with unique stories.

Tip for the college search

Put the same amount of energy and effort on every search! You may find something that will spark your interest that you never would have thought of if you didn’t dig a little deeper.

Hint for success

Make the best out of every opportunity. Every experience you will have will provide you with skills you can use in your future.

Favorite activity in Chicago

The architectural tour. I am an hour away from Chicago and I still had no idea some of these buildings were there. 

Favorite place in the town of Lake Forest

Egg Harbor. Egg sandwich with sausage. Yummm!

Fun fact to share

I had a dove as a pet named Bon Bon from elementary school to my Junior year in college. The whole time thinking she was a pigeon.