Student Life

Vasiliki “Vicki” Gerentes ’14

What made you choose the school?

I am a senior at Lake Forest College. When I started my college search, my parents wanted me to stay home and commute. I refused to drive to schools in Chicago. Knowing absolutely nothing about what Lake Forest College could offer me, I picked it solely based on the fact that it was located in the suburbs. On a whim, I found the best fit.

What are you studying and what is the career path you would like to take?

My major is English (creative writing) and my minor is Digital Media Design. I have had the best opportunities at Lake Forest College, designing and editing books for Lake Forest College Press / &NOW Books. Ultimately, I want to enter the publishing sphere in order to work as a book designer or manuscript editor.

Who is your favorite professor at the college? Why?

I have two. They both challenge me in ways that have totally shaped my experience at the college.

Dr. Shubhik DebBurman has always encouraged me to be open to new worlds of knowledge. I knew I wanted to study English, which is why I thought I had zero business enrolling in his first-year studies neuroscience course. Despite the hours spent at Starbucks learning material that went right over my head, that course was far the best class I have taken at the College. How many students can say that they touched a brain on the first day of college? Not many. Dr. DebBurman could not get me to major in neuroscience, but he certainly kept me interested in the sciences. As a senior English major, I am quite proud to say that I am the Editor-in-Chief of the College’s life science journal Eukaryon.

My other favorite professor is my advisor, Dr. Davis Schneiderman. I started off as his Richter Scholar, and the opportunities he has given me since then have shaped the career I wish to pursue. One day, Dr. Schneiderman called me during class, and left me a message telling me that I had to sign up for the In the Loop program immediately. His dedication to my future success is unparalleled. How many students can say they touched a brain on the first day of college, and that they have been mentioned in a Huffington Post article. Again, not many. I have an incredible internship lined up for the spring semester at the University of Chicago Press.

I feel very prepared to begin my senior year, and I cannot thank Dr. DebBurman and Dr. Scheiderman enough for their guidance and support.

What is your favorite social media and why? Do you have a Twitter handle?

Social media is absolutely wonderful. I am on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, Foursquare, and more. My favorite is Foursquare. Anyone on Foursquare at the College knows that I am the mayor of almost all of the buildings on campus. A few Residence Life staff members are even trying to steal my turf! I mostly enjoy Foursquare because I can link it to Twitter, showing friends where I am with updates on what I am doing. I can tag friends who are with me, add photos, leave tips at venues, and get deals at stores and restaurants. I recently checked in at a restaurant, and Foursquare gave me a free appetizer. How fun! I also really enjoy posting and reblogging on tumblr. I can track things I am interested in, but I can also create my blog to be a sort of virtual vision board for the things I enjoy most in life.

Where is your favorite place on Lake Forest College's campus and why?

The Delta Gamma lounge. Despite being located in a residence hall basement, it is an incredible home away from home. I can escape there to enjoy a movie with my friends. I can do my homework and work on projects in peace. I can make memories with my sisters at any given moment. Sometimes you just need a space to be you, and the DG lounge has provided me with moments that have impacted my friendships with people for the better. As president of the sorority, the organization and sisterhood have influenced the woman I have become. However, the physical space is a place on this campus that I will feel welcomed in for the rest of my life.