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Student Life

Eugenia Flores ’14

What made you choose the school?

I am a senior this upcoming year. Ultimately, what made me choose Lake Forest College was the sense of community throughout the campus. Because it is a small campus, I felt like I could get to know all of the professors and students, which in turn made me feel more at home.

What are you studying and what is the career path you would like to take?

I am currently studying music and digital media design. If it were up to me, I would want to be a musician traveling the world, aka a rock star. But seeing as I can’t find a rock band with an empty clarinet spot, my next goal is to be an audio engineer, a front of house tech as some people say. That, or the sound editor on major films. Music is my passion and I’m going to make it a point to make a living out of it. At the end of the day, I see myself working a sound console for a band during their live shows or behind an even bigger console in a building creating sound effects and choosing the music that will go into a film, possibly even creating my own pieces of musical work.

Who is your favorite professor at the college? Why?

This is a hard one to answer because there are so many great professors on campus, but I think I’m going to have to go with Professor Don Meyer. Every time I take one of his classes, it feels like I’m just going into to class to talk about the things I like, but I get to do it for a grade. He makes class a challenge that I enjoy trying to figure out.

What is your favorite social media and why? Do you have a Twitter handle?

My favorite social media is going to have to be Tumblr because you can be as sarcastic, stupid, or nerdy, and no one will judge, mostly because someone else can relate back to you. And I do have a Twitter, which I mostly use to let out steam from the day or to take notes on things I see in my daily life that capture my attention.

Where is your favorite place on Lake Forest College's campus and why?

I think being a musician, my answer is pretty predictable. My favorite place on campus, hands-down, is the studio in the basement of Reid Hall on Middle Campus because I can go there whenever inspiration strikes and just sit there for hours working on a song, either rock-inspired or of a classical influence.