Student Life

Hossam El Bashari ’14

What made you choose the school?

I am a rising senior at Lake Forest College. I chose the school for many reasons. Its proximity to Chicago and size were a big part of my decision, as well as the aesthetics of the campus buildings and facilities. I was also impressed by the diversity of the school as well as its progressive culture.

What are you studying and what is the career path you would like to take?

I am studying Finance, French and International Relations. I have explored different career options through my internship experiences to help me decide what career path I’d like to take. If I were to aim very high, I would be interested in working for the World Bank or the IMF.

Who is your favorite professor at the college? Why?

This is a very difficult question to answer, but I will have to go with Associate Professor of Economics and Business Rob Lemke. He is extremely dedicated to his students and position as a department chair. His constant availability, good cheer and excellent teaching methods are reasons why I chose him.

What is your favorite social media and why? Do you have a Twitter handle?

I do have a Twitter handle but I will admit that I use Facebook and YouTube the most. My favorite would have to be Facebook because it has the best of both worlds. With videos, news feeds and now even a hashtag feature, who needs Twitter or YouTube?

Where is your favorite place on Lake Forest College's campus and why?

My favorite place on campus is Glen Rowan House because of its relaxing atmosphere and gorgeous aesthetics. From the cozy wallpaper on the second floor to the calming fountain in the patio, it’s an escape from the busy reality of college life. The newly renovated Sports and Recreation Center is a close second though.