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Student Life

Edward Dobernig ’14

What made you choose the school?

I am a current senior at Lake Forest College and plan to graduate next spring. I chose Lake Forest College for the strong academics, proximity to Chicago, and the opportunity to play collegiate football. Lake Forest College has been nationally recognized as a premier private college in Forbes and U.S. News. Compared to the other colleges and universities, I saw that Lake Forest College provided me more opportunities to be a more engaged college student who could participate in both collegiate athletics and excel academically. To this day I do not regret attending Lake Forest College and am proud to say I will be a “Forester Forever.”

What are you studying and what is the career path you would like to take?

I am currently studying Finance and International Relations at Lake Forest College. With these two degrees I plan on starting a career within a multinational organization that would allow me to travel the world. My studies thus far have taken me to Asia this past spring, where I was able to intern at one of the longest standing financial advisory and wealth management companies in Hong Kong. I hope my experiences studying at City University and working in Hong Kong will provide me greater opportunities after I graduate from Lake Forest College.

Who is your favorite professor at the college? Why?

Professor Les Dlabay is a terrific professor and energetic person that has allowed me to grow as a student. I have enrolled in several of his classes because of his ability to engage the classroom and the insight he provides students from his past experiences. I also have to thank Professor Dlabay for my successes as a student-athlete at Lake Forest College and encouraging me to study abroad last semester at in Hong Kong.

What is your favorite social media and why? Do you have a Twitter handle?

LinkedIn is my favorite social media outlet because of its benefits for users. This form of social media allows me to expand my professional network and reach out to those connections. LinkedIn also provides world and financial news updates to better inform its users, while at the same time providing job information based on your personal experiences. My Twitter handle is @edobernig.

Where is your favorite place on Lake Forest College's campus and why?

Over the past three years at Lake Forest College I have spent countless hours practicing and participating in collegiate athletics on Farwell Field. The field is kept in pristine condition year round that would not be possible without the Lake Forest College staff’s continuous grounds keeping and the donations from alumni. Farewell Field is a place I have called my home field over my collegiate career and hope for nothing but the best for the Foresters that will compete on this field in the future.