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Career Connections

Dan Kolen

Here's the story

Dan and classmate Justin Lansing ’07 wanted to create a film for their senior theses in April 2006 when they decided to team up and look at the issue of illegal immigration. A major immigrant rights rally was scheduled for May 1 in downtown Chicago. On the day of the rally they hopped on the Metra commuter train and went in search of a story among the 150,000 who turned out. There, they met the American wife of a deported immigrant. She agreed to be interviewed along with the former head of the Chicago INS and the director of the Illinois Minuteman Project.

Dan and Justin also had the opportunity to interview the deported immigrant in Mexico. “Being near the cultural opportunities in Chicago is incredibly important,” says Dan, an Iowa native. “If you aren’t near those, you aren’t going to be able to find the stories.”