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Megan Escanilla ’14

How did you choose your area of study?

Lake Forest College has given me a rewarding three years experience. I made my decision to switch to Neuroscience knowing I am interested in psychology, biology, and the brain. As a research assistant in Professor Wentworth’s eye movement lab I familiarized myself on how tracking eye movements have to be used as a recovery tool and early detection of brain diseases. I am also honored to have known Professor Glassman with whom I also picked up an interest in electromyography. His openness, dedication, and shared interest in muscle movement and recovery is relevant to my career goal of becoming a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Dr. Dohrmann and I worked out an internship at Pathways Center for children with cerebral palsy and I had the opportunity to work with PT’s and OT’s.

More information to share?

Megan is pursuing a Masters degree in Montessori education at Xavier University.