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Tom Livermore ’70

“Lake Forest College is a school where I feel I can make even a small contribution and have an impact, so I try to give my support in the best way possible for the school.” 

Tom Livermore ’70 first heard about Lake Forest College from the college counselor at his high school in Massachusetts. During his senior year of high school, he visited the College and found that it matched his hopes for the type of school he wanted to attend, so he decided to apply. 

“Back when I was looking at schools, I didn’t want to go to a huge university – I wanted to go to a smaller school so that I could have a close relationship with my professors. I was really interested in the atmosphere at Lake Forest College, and impressed by their efforts and the program there,” said Tom. 

As a student, Tom found that there were many outlets available on campus for him to continue to cultivate his long-time interest in photography. He was able to practice his hobby through involvement with The Stentor, the yearbook, and also as a part of his work-study at the Public Information Office. He also did independent photography projects at various events in the Chicagoland area, some of which were published in papers like The Chicago Tribune, and worked as a photography intern at The Boston Globe one summer. 

After graduating from Lake Forest College, Tom became a professional photographer, and later received his MBA from Stanford University. He has also been a very involved alumnus at the College, and shows his support for his alma mater in a number of ways. 

“I’ve always had the opinion that people should support all of the educational institutions that they’ve been to – I’d encourage everyone to do the same,” he said. 

Although Tom did not major in any of the sciences, one of the biggest ways that he makes an impact on the Lake Forest College community is through his ongoing support of the Johnson Science Center renovation. 

“I contribute to the Science Facility because I think it helps differentiate the College from other small schools. I think science is important to the education of kids in the future. The facilities were new when I was a student – that was a couple of years ago – so I know it needs some improvement,” he continued.

Tom realizes the impact that continued involvement and support can have on an educational institution, and accordingly acts upon that awareness. He demonstrates his commitment to his high school, graduate school, and Lake Forest College in whatever way he thinks will be most beneficial.