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Danae Cannedy ’18

Danae Cannedy ’18 first learned about Lake Forest College as a high schooler from a brochure mailed to her home in Pasadena, Maryland.


Intrigued, there were several things about the College that caught her eye: Lake Forest’s close proximity to Chicago, the liberal arts focus, the low faculty-to-student ratio, and the opportunity to study abroad.

Now a Senior, Cannedy is about to embark on her first off-campus studies program. She’s scheduled to leave for Greece on September 9. Just a week before her departure, this double-major in philosophy and African American studies and minor in politics is a Forester you should know:

Q: What drew you to Lake Forest College?

A: To be honest, I never heard of Lake Forest College. I never even looked at schools in Illinois. When I saw from something I got in the mail that there were different study abroad options and that it was a smaller liberal arts school close to Chicago, I decided to apply. Because I grew up 20 minutes outside of Baltimore, city life is something I enjoy and wanted as a part of my college experience. So I applied early action and visited campus during an admitted student open house in April. My first impression of the campus was positive. As a prospective student, this school appeared to be a place full of opportunities. 

Q: What have you been involved in—besides your classes—that have helped shape your college experience?

A: I’m involved in UBA—the United Black Association, where I was the secretary my sophomore year. I was part of the Intercultural Advisory Group  last year and am a member of Black Women United, a support group that has activities and talks. I’m also a member of the Student Academic Advisory Committee representing my majors, philosophy and African American studies.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: I hang out with my friends. We just relax together, listening to music or watching a movie. And I like to catch up with everybody on how their day is going. I try to help them out with anything they need, if I can.

Q: What has surprised you the most about the College?

I’m most surprised about how helpful the staff and faculty are willing to be. I’m happy I found a place that is so caring. The faculty and advisors really care about you. I have some friends who are going to bigger universities and they tell me their professors don’t even know their names. It’s not like that here. You have to seek out their help and advice on papers or the best classes to take for your majors, but they’re there and willing to work with you on your schedule.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about your study abroad in Greece this fall?

A: Honestly? The food. I’m excited about trying something different—a new cuisine. I’m also a little nervous. This is my first experience going to another country by myself. After I signed up for the program, I found out there are two other Lake Forest students, Anissa James ’18 and Jocelynn Carter ’17, who will be there at the same time I’m there. I’m rooming with Anissa in the dorm at American College of Greece in Athens, where I’ll take classes. It was a happy coincidence.

Q: What are your plans for after graduation?

A: I want to continue my education, most definitely. My hope is to get into law school right away. If that doesn’t work out, then I’m hoping to go to graduate school. I think my experience in Greece will help me figure that out.

Q: Advice for new students?

A: Get to know the campus and the professors and surround yourself with good people who are willing to help you out. Find your core group for support. There may be times it will become difficult or you may feel like you want to leave. If you have a strong support system from professors or friends, it will be fine.