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Holly Swyers

I work a lot with students in research. Things that would normally be done by graduate students at larger institutions—research assistantships, independent research projects—are being done by undergraduates at Lake Forest College.

Advising is as much part of the job for faculty as anything else at Lake Forest College. In some ways, that one-on-one is the most important thing for students’ long-term future. I get to know them and what their interests are, help them figure out wherever it is they want to go next. The fact that we have faculty-teacher advising at Lake Forest College is a pretty big deal. A lot of colleges have gone to having professional advisors, and that’s not the same thing at all.

I want my students to go out in the world and be happy and successful. I want my students to be able to figure things out as undergrads—in a place where it’s safer to experiment and make mistakes—what their priorities are, whether in a career or in their personal life.