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David C. Wiers

“My wife and I are advocates for and supporters of higher education. A strengthened endowment and, specifically, endowed scholarships are ways in which we can ensure the brightest of futures for Lake Forest College and guarantee that the College will stay true to its mission. Endowed scholarships invest in our collective future, to create a better tomorrow for the next generation of students.”

David C. Wiers is a highly regarded member of the Lake Forest College community. Unlike many Lake Forest College constituents, David did not join the College’s community through his personal experience as either a parent or a student. Rather, he was introduced to the College by a friend, Chris Conger, who served as the coach of the men’s basketball team for several years. At the time, David was living in Chicago, and would visit the College once or twice a year for basketball games.

David’s proximity to Lake Forest College as well as his and his wife’s advocacy for higher education inspired him to support the College in various ways.

“Recently, there has been pressure put on traditional liberal arts institutions, especially with the media questioning tuition cost, value, and return on investment for families,” said David. He recognizes the value of the education that Lake Forest College provides, and thusly decided to contribute to the College to help it continue its mission.

Because of his own college experiences, David offers most of his support to scholarship funds.

“I was a grateful beneficiary of a scholarship during my undergraduate experience, and scholarships often make the difference for a student when deciding upon their undergraduate destination,” he said.

David’s support of scholarships assists many students who attend Lake Forest College in achieving their desired education, and for many, makes that education possible.

In addition to the financial support David offers to Lake Forest College, he has over a decade’s worth of continued involvement with the College. He plays in the FAN Club Golf outings, frequently brings his family to various sporting events at the College, and hires Lake Forest College interns and graduates at his company, Satori Energy.

“We have many ties to Lake Forest College and I feel lucky to have a close connection to the College,” he said.