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Ben Labaschin ’16

Here’s why Ben decided to attend Lake Forest College:

When applying to colleges, it was Lake Forest that manifested itself as the confluence of necessary and desired traits I wanted from higher education. It was a small, liberal arts college which provided me the ability to explore my passionate interests in the environment, and develop interests in areas I did not expect to love. Little did I know that at Lake Forest I would even be able to actively apply my ecological knowledge in and around the campus community.

What did you think of the faculty?

The faculty at Lake Forest College are the reason why I love the college as much as I do. Having not even intended to apply to college, I feel I would not be half as interested in academia, nor scholarship itself, if it were not for the love and exceedingly forthright honesty I’ve experienced in my relationships with my professors. My professors have helped me grow and reflect far more than I could have imagined when I first began attended Lake Forest College.

What was your favorite class?

Lake Forestry taught by Professor Glenn Adelson was by far the best and most memorable class I took at Lake Forest College. With the unique opportunity to explore regions ranging from the southern reaches of Illinois to the peninsula of upper-Wisconsin—places I assuredly would never have visited—I was introduced to the beautiful nuances and varied iterations of flora of the Midwest. By attending Glenn’s class, I found in myself the ability to bond with my classmates in shared awe of the simplest and most inexplicable things.

More information to share?

In my role as an RA for the past three years, I have been able to learn more about what it means to be an authority figure, how rules can be mis-enforced or misinformed, and the humanity behind those who create such rules.

Every experience can benefit you, in some small way, if you are willing to learn.