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Ayesha Khan ’15

How did you choose your area of study?

I came to Lake Forest College pursuing biology major, but soon after taking PSYC 110 I knew I wanted to do both; and what could have been a better way of combining the two than neuroscience! I was immensely intrigued by questions like why do we behave in certain ways? What causes behavioral or psychiatric disorders? Why do degenerative disorders have such a major impact on our behavior and personality? After taking a few courses like Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience, I was surprised to find how big a role the brain plays in our behavior in everyday life; learning how the brain works is a major part in understanding it. Neuroscience is the anatomy, physiology, and the functions of the brain, but it’s also involved in almost everything else from music to art to dance, literature, learning, memory, and language! There is still so much about the mind that we don’t know! I hope to one day uncover those gaps by pursuing a career in neuropsychology, and the curriculum at Lake Forest has enabled me for this with valuable resources.