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Career Connections

Ezra Goldberg

Here's the story

As a recruiter for Aon Hewitt, Ezra Goldberg’s job is to make personal connections with job applicants. He learned the value of one-on-one interactions at Lake Forest College through his access to a range of people—from the vice president of admissions who convinced Ezra to attend Lake Forest from Connecticut to expert psychology faculty who taught him how people work and interact with each other and connected him with resume-building internships to caring staff who fostered his leadership role in a fraternity that won recruitment awards and inspired his career choice.

For example, as a psychology major with a wheelchair-bound older brother, Ezra sought related opportunities to gain work experience. Professor of Psychology Kathryn Dohrmann drew on her own networks to help him meet his personal and professional goals by connecting him with internships at two organizations that work with disabled and troubled youth. At Equestrian Connection, Ezra applied statistical knowledge that he learned in the classroom to boost fundraising efforts while Camp STAR gave him the opportunity to counsel youth diagnosed with ADHD. “Faculty at Lake Forest College make themselves available,” he said. “They take time to get to know and help you.”

Every relationship helped him develop the confidence and skills he needed to succeed in his career. “All of the experiences I had at Lake Forest College gave me the opportunity to learn about myself, to be comfortable about myself, and to be confident in what I can do,” he said. “At a bigger school, I wouldn’t have been able to do all of that. That confidence, along with everything I learned, helped me decide to focus on a career in human resources. That allowed me to interview well, network properly, be myself, and be confident, and that helped me get the job I have today.”