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Amanda Allred ’14

How did you choose your area of study?

“Referred to as the “Final Frontier” in science, neuroscience is an exciting, innovative, interdisciplinary program encompassing biology, psychology, chemistry, and philosophy. I chose to study this field because I am interested in the molecular basis of human how we perceive the world, how we communicate, how we learn, etcetera. As an English minor, I enjoy explaining how neuroscience—and science in general—impacts the global community. Lake Forest courses have allowed me to gain experience interpreting current scientific findings as well as conduct my own experiments. I was also able to further my studies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Additionally, I am conducting a senior thesis in a molecular genetics lab on campus. After I graduate, I plan on taking a gap year before attending graduate school.”

More information to share?

Amanda is a Research Associate at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.