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Popp scholarly article published

An article on teaching historical literacy strategies that Assistant Professor of Education Jacquelynn Popp co-wrote with a colleague was published in The Reading Teacher.

In the article, Popp and educator Jodi Hoard argue that teaching historical literacies is a critical, indispensable, socially just approach to elementary students’ development.

“History has traditionally been taught as a series of facts to remember and, thus, students tend to view history as static and dull. History, however, is actually an ongoing argument about what happened in the past,” Popp said. “Sourcing is a fundamental historical literacy strategy of asking questions of and reasoning about historical texts in order to construct evidence-based arguments of the past. It is imperative to teach students this fundamental strategy, even when they are young.”

Hoard implemented sourcing in her sixth-grade classroom. The article provides elementary teachers heuristics for implementing this core historical literacy strategy with their students.

Click here to read, “Supporting Elementary Students’ Sourcing of Historical Texts.”