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Scholarly math paper by Treviño and students published

A paper written by Associate Professor of Mathematics Enrique Treviño and three Richter Scholars recently appeared in Elemente der Mathematik, a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the European Mathematical Society.

“Walking on rational numbers and a self-referential formula” was written by Treviño and Margaret Fortman ’18, Kevin Kupiec ’17, and Marina Rawlings ’17. The article combines two Richter projects “As easy as ABC,” which Kupiec and Rawlings worked on in 2014, and “On the Tupper self-referential formula,” which Fortman worked on in 2015.

In their Richter project, Kupiec and Rawlings spent their summer working with Treviño on a project that built on the idea of “walking on real numbers,” first published in 2012 by other researchers. They created “walks” for numbers like pi based on the digits written in base 4 that were assigned a direction—east, north, west, and south. In their project, the Lake Forest team found numbers that represented each letter of the alphabet and then wrote a computer program to find a number to express a desired phrase.

In the summer of 2015, Fortman worked on Treviño’s Richter project titled “On the Tupper self-referential formula,” a formula that visually represents itself when graphed at a specific location in the x, y plane. Fortman found the location where the formula graphs a picture of Pac-Man being followed by five ghosts. She also wrote a computer program that finds the location where a phrase is graphed.