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Award-winning author commends Lake Forest College for innovation

Award-winning journalist and author John F. Wasik gave a shout-out to Lake Forest College during a recent interview on WGN-Radio during a discussion on innovation in Illinois.

When Download host Justin Kaufmann credited the state’s educational landscape for playing a “big part” in why Illinois is the seventeenth largest economy in the world, Wasik added: 

“When you have good universities, a good secondary system—even pre-K is going to be very important, you can prepare minds to think critically, to think skeptically, to be able to fail, to have that resilience. That’s essential, and that’s why you need good universities like UIC, University of Chicago, DePaul, Lake Forest College…they are all fostering innovation just by creating this infrastructure of intellect, and it is so essential.”

Author of 17 books, Wasik discussed innovation in Illinois as well as his latest book, “Lightning Strikes: Timeless Lessons in Creativity from the Life and Work of Nikola Tesla.” 

You can listen to the entire broadcast here