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Communications and Marketing

Pitch It semi-finalists announced

We have selected which teams will advance to the semi-finals 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday in Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel. The 11 teams are:

DoDo Project: Melissa Ward ’18
This social venture offers a means to grow the vital anti-cancer, chemotherapy component, Taxus Contorta, 3-5x faster and in higher yields using a custom aquaponics system.

MyID: Ryan Widmer ’18
This business venture introduces a product that streamlines all student and faculty identification, information, and campus access on one card.

H.E.R Comforts: Lindelo Dlamini ’18, Kailey Gonzales ’18, and Jabulani Sidfundza ’19
This social venture addresses medical, educational, economic, and social issues in Swaziland with a menstrual pad made from banana leaves. 

Ice-Free Windshield Shade: Trevor Bain ’18 & Ryan Shalosky ’18
This business venture introduces a product that melts the snow and ice off your car windshield so you don’t have to brave the cold to clear your windshield.

MYOS: Simona Kurta ’18 and Farhad Landhini ’19
This business venture is an allergen-free, dine-in soup restaurant, targeting those with food allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Nabta: Noel Orwothwun ’19, Koku Donkor ’20, Moyosore Tejumola ’19, and Jake Ngugi ’21
This social venture creates an online platform for aspiring entrepreneurs in Ghana where they can exchange project ideas and gain access to resources. 

Health Innovations: Dakota Ducar ’19
This business venture proposes setting up health clinics within corporations that are staffed by nurse practitioners. 

SportSpek Trading: Vito Brunetti ’19
This business venture introduces an online, day trading platform for avid fantasy sports players.

Swish Doctor: Hannah Hiland ’19 & Hannah O’Day ’19
This business venture introduces a high-quality, transportable rebound product that gives basketball players a way to practice on their own to achieve mastery.

Good Samaritan App: Alec Brent ’21
This social venture creates an app to help people find lost phones or devices by introducing a reward mechanism.

Nibipure: Karla Figueroa ’21 and Fatemeh Riahi ’21:
This social venture introduces a portable, cost-effective, weather-withstanding water barrel that can be used when people don’t have access to clean water, such as in a natural disaster.