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A Forester you should know: Kara Norvet ’18

Kara Norvet ’18 came from Red Wing, Minnesota with the hopes of playing basketball at the College. Four years later, not only is she a team captain, but she’s learned to translate a work ethic formed in sports into other aspects of her life.

Because of her hard work on and off the basketball court, Norvet has recently landed a job with Goldman Sachs in Dallas, Texas. 

“Something basketball has helped me with is that it has given me a drive I can translate into other areas of my life,” said Norvet. 

This finance major and double-minor in legal studies and communication is a Forester you should know.

Q: Have you had experiences here that have helped you prepare for your future career?

A: Basketball has been the main one for me. In my four years here, I’ve gone through different roles on the team, and I’ve faced different experiences or adversities that have helped me develop personally. I have also liked growing academically, as well. I didn’t know I wanted to major in finance or minor in legal studies when I came here, but it all came about through different professors that I had and different experiences that I got through academics.

Q: Which professors have you worked most closely with to build connections?

A: The professor I work closest with is Lecturer in Finance and Special Advisor on the Practice of Finance Stuart Foley, since he’s my advisor for my finance major. I’ve also recently connected with my professor who is my advisor for my legal studies minor, Lecturer in Politics Stephanie Caparelli. She has been a great asset to me and helping me find a love for the law.

Q: How did basketball go this year? What position do you play? How long have you been playing?

A: Really well! We just found out that we made it to MWC tournament semifinals, which is post-season play, and we haven’t made it this far in seven years. It’s big news and it’s very exciting for us.

Q: Any advice for new students?

A: I would say that it is important to form connections with people you can identify with but who also broaden your horizons. I think that was the main thing for me— I found really good people, whether they were academic advisors, faculty, or just really good friends, who helped shape me to become who I am.

Q: Parting words?

A: Thank you Lake Forest College for all of the memories and the hardships because I would never be where I am without my experiences here.

– By Tracy Koenn ’18