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Corey, Schneiderman perform at ‘Wounded Galaxies’ fest

Associate Professor of English Josh Corey and Professor of English Davis Schneiderman, billed as The Muttering Sickness, were the closing performers of Indiana University’s “Wounded Galaxies” festival and symposium on February 10.

Corey and Schneiderman performed “The Whole World Is Watching,” which deals with an historical event, the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, in a unique and creative manner by taking the firsthand accounts of Terry Southern, Jean Genet, and William S. Burroughs and presenting them as a performance.

This show engaged the audience with provocative subject matter and confrontational aesthetics, aiming for them to come away with increased understanding of those events in Chicago.

“Wounded Galaxies: 1968 – Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach” is a festival and symposium that welcomed scholars, writers, artists, archivists, filmmakers, performers, and others interested in exploring the intellectual and aesthetic legacy of 1968, during its 50th anniversary year.

The Muttering Sickness is an audio art collective facilitated by Lake Forest College faculty members. The Muttering Sickness has performed at the Chicago Humanities Festival—most recently in a 2016 drone collaboration—and the second, fourth, and sixth European Beat Studies Network conferences in Tangier, Brussels, and Paris. Recent works include “The Last Days of Radio” album (Fast Speaking Music), and a collaboration with the Goodman Theater’s Regina Taylor and her play stop, reset.