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Notes from the Class of 2017 Young Alumni Challenge Committee Co-Chairs

The Class of 2017 had better than 65% of their class make a gift to the College before graduation.

“First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for your support. As a student, I have the pride and joy of watching the community grow each and every day.

Without your support, my classmates and I wouldn’t have had four memorable years. As a Young Alumni Challenge Committee Co-Chair, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with Alumni Board members, as well as alumni across the US—from Seattle to St. Louis. Networking has taught me about various career paths and further prepared me for post-graduation. As I prepare to graduate, I look forward to transitioning from a student to an alumna and beginning my role in giving back to the community that set me up for success.” - BEATRIZ ESTAY ’17 


“Alumni support plays a vital role in providing students with a foundation for success. During my time at the College, I have been exposed to numerous opportunities including internships, alumni networking events, and activities throughout the campus. I am confident that these experiences will play a significant role in my life after graduation.

As a senior, I have already made a five-year giving commitment to the College through the Young Alumni Challenge. My commitment serves as a thank you to all donors and ensures
that future students will also have enriching experiences on campus. I look forward to seeing
the College continue to grow and make an impact on the global community.” - MATTHEW MCPHERSON ’17


“I chose to make a gift before I graduated to thank a community that has done so much for me as a student. I have come to realize that Lake Forest College has a small but strong alumni community, and that the smallest donations from first-year alumni can make the largest difference.

By taking the Young Alumni Challenge as a senior, I hope I will be reminded of all the great opportunities the College provided me as a student, and how, as part of Lake Forest College history, I can help provide such opportunities to future students.”