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Liquid nitrogen, ice cream, and fun

After sharing liquid-nitrogen ice cream in honor of national ice cream month and viewing a chemistry webinar on the chemistry of ice cream, the chemistry department summer researchers gathered for photos.

Pictured are: Professor of Chemistry Jason Cody, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Paul Gladen, Lecturer in Chemistry Larry Klein, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Nilam Shah, Associate Professor of Chemistry Dawn Wiser; Emeritus Professors Laura Kateley and William Martin; Richter Scholars Amber Lennon ’20, Jacob Levin ’20, Rhyan Shanker ’20; rising seniors Melissa Bodine ’18, Nicholas Jakolat ’18, Ian Murphy ’18, Darya Rodina ’18, Al Tiba ’18, Alexandra Widmer) ’18; and alumna Evgeniya Semenova ’17. Not pictured, but still a part of the rocking chem lab scene, are rising seniors Fiona Lutolli ’18 and Brandon Siaj ’18.