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Master of Liberal Studies

Graduate Finds Program and Students Enjoyable

Vicki Newman ’17 came to the Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) program on a friend’s recommendation. “As an adult who loves to take classes purely for self-fulfillment and as a way to increase my knowledge, I was looking for a program that would do that as well as offer a variety of classes. “

“The MLS program gave me exactly what I was looking for. I felt so fortunate to be able to be taught by professors who were experts in their fields and I found the interdisciplinary approach a stimulating and fun way to learn.  I also gained so much by being surrounded by curious, intellectual and like-minded students in each of my classes.  All of this contributed to my enjoyment and success in the program.”

Even though Vicki has graduated, she hopes to come back to Lake Forest College and audit more of the MLS seminars.