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Master of Liberal Studies

MLS Program’s Flexibility Fulfills Student’s Need

Luisa’s story is fifth in a series of stories about our recent graduates.  

Luisa Espinosa-Lara ’17 moved to the U.S. from Colombia in 2000. Her dream was to go back to college, but with work and a family, she needed to find something that not only interested her, but would fit with her schedule.

“I wanted a flexible program that challenged me academically and intellectually, and provided me with a better understanding of today’s world. As a native Spanish speaker, I was looking also to improve my English writing and communication skills. Lake Forest College’s Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) program fulfilled my expectation in every single aspect. It offered the flexibility I was looking for, and the variety of interdisciplinary seminars enhanced my life and challenged my analytical thinking.”

“I was able to choose seminars on Latin American history, economics, and literature, which allowed me to receive my master’s in liberal studies with a concentration in Spanish. I enjoyed the experience of walking through Latin American literature and history using my native language, but for me it was also crucial to enhance my English writing skills. The Writing Center played an important role in the development of my ideas. I would like to thank Professor Dawn Abt-Perkins, who served as the Writing Advisor for the MLS Program, for her continued support.”

“The program has a phenomenal faculty who engage students in profound and dynamic discussions. Professors always are available to meet with students. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a challenging and enriching academic experience.”

Luisa wants to put her knowledge to use in the service of education.