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Master of Liberal Studies

Transfer Student Finds MLS Program Good Fit

Barbara Kopec ’17 started a master’s program in art history at another school, but felt limited by the curriculum offered. Soon after, she heard an advertisement on the radio for the Master of Liberal Studies program at Lake Forest College, and jotted down the number. “When I called the school for further information, I was connected directly to the Associate Director of the MLS program herself. She was so informative and inviting, I immediately scheduled an appointment to investigate the course of study more closely and to view the beautiful campus.

I then quickly applied, was able to transfer the courses I had previously taken, and before I knew it, was registered for a class in Medieval Art history that began just a month later. It was as if the red carpet had been rolled out for me, and I never looked back.”

“My experience at Lake Forest College was phenomenal, and as vital to me as my time as a young undergrad. I was most impressed with how the flexibility of the program allowed me to focus on art history in the majority of my course work. In the required MLS seminars, which melded distinctly diverse academic subjects, I managed to produce art history research papers that fit in nicely with the interdisciplinary nature of the class.”

Barbara worked closely with Ann Roberts, a leading scholar in Medieval and Renaissance art history. “In general, the professionalism of the faculty, the depth of knowledge in their particular fields, and the enthusiastic manner in which they inspire their students were outstanding.”

Currently, Barbara is a docent at the Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA), and is enthralled with their permanent collection of sacred art. She hopes to use her MLS degree to enhance her knowledge of Medieval and Renaissance art and share it with visitors to the museum. She intends to pursue further research in this area and looks for opportunities to work behind the scenes at LUMA or another art venue.