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Master of Liberal Studies

MLS Graduate is a Life-long Learner

Lauren Strelsin ’17 had a J.D. from the University of Texas when she applied to the Master of Liberal Studies program, as well as numerous other adult education courses in subjects that would help her in her career or volunteer work. She admits that as she grew older, she simply wanted to indulge her curiosity about a wide range of subjects: literature, philosophy, psychology, and religion. When she found out about the MLS program she knew it was exactly what she wanted. She describes her experience.


“The Interdisciplinary approach to teaching the courses added to the experience, as the professors shed light on the materials from different points of view. In addition to the seminars, I liked the flexibility that allowed students to take courses from the undergraduate school (modified, if necessary, to qualify for graduate credit), and to also to receive credit through an independent study/thesis. I availed myself of all three of these options, and each offered a different, but valuable learning experience. Writing the final paper for the independent study was a challenge unlike anything I had done before. I never felt so thoroughly immersed in a subject, and the task of synthesizing all my reading and thinking into a coherent and cohesive final paper was exceptionally daunting, but ultimately, extremely satisfying. Through the duration of the program I felt great support and assistance from all the professors and everyone working with the MLS students.”

What are Lauren’s plans now that she has graduated? “I love taking classes and learning, so the completion of this program feels like just a pause, rather than an ending. Some of my coursework and my final paper have sparked curiosity about related topics, so at the very least, my long-term reading list has been vastly expanded.  But there certainly is no shortage of topics I would like to learn about, or classes in these subjects, and I am open to exploring those options.”