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Concert Choir Hits the Road

The Lake Forest College Concert Choir will embark on their first concert tour under the direction of Professor Emilie Amrein. The group will travel to Wisconsin and Minnesota from February 23 through February 27. 

The Lake Forest College Concert Choir will share a program of diverse choral repertoire with audiences in the upper Midwest, during its first concert tour under the direction of Dr. Emilie Amrein, Feb. 23-27. 

The choir will present its 2011 Spring Tour Program to four cities in five days to reconnect with hundreds of Lake Forest College alumni and friends now living in the upper Midwest and to forge new connections with choral enthusiasts throughout the region. Selections for the 2011 tour program include excerpts from Johannes Brahms’ Liebeslieder Waltzer, and the first movement of Virgil Thomson’s Four Songs to Poems by Thomas Campion. All performances are free and open to the public. No tickets are required. 

Under the direction of Dr. Emilie Amrein, the choir has grown in size and focused its mission on high caliber performance of classical, global, and popular repertoire for mixed chorus from the Renaissance through the 21st century. Concerts, both on and off campus, have included collaborations with other ensembles including the Lake Forest College Chamber Orchestra, other collegiate and community choruses, and a wide range of soloists.


7:30pm, Wednesday, February 23rd

Lake Forest College Concert Choir

Northside College Preparatory High School

5501 North Kedzie Avenue

Chicago, IL 60625


8:00pm, Thursday, February 24th

Lake Forest College Concert Choir

First English Lutheran Church

6331 N. Ballard Road

Appleton, WI 54913


7:30pm, Friday, February 25th

Lake Forest College Concert Choir

Richfield Lutheran Church

8 W 60th St

Minneapolis, MN 55419


7:30pm, Sunday, February 27th

Lake Forest College Concert Choir

Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel

Lake Forest College

555 N. Sheridan Rd.

Lake Forest, IL 60045