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International Relations

Student interns at UN organization in Paris

International relations and economics major Fabricio Sordoni ‘11 recounts his service at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris during his recent semester abroad.

During a recent semester abroad in Paris, Fabricio Sordoni ’11 interned at the headquarters of UNESCO (the United Nations Organization for Science, Education and Culture) as an assistant to the ambassador of the Kuwaiti Delegation and head of the UNESCO G-77. Sordoni’s job consisted of keeping the ambassador updated, with daily and weekly summaries, on UNESCO conferences, workshops and information meetings in preparation for the Executive Board Session of UNESCO.

According to Sordoni, it is an exciting time at UNESCO headquarters. The UNESCO General Assembly has recently elected a new secretary general who has strong support to transform UNESCO into a more decentralized and dynamic international institution. 

“It was a truly exceptional experience,” says Sordoni. “There was something new to learn every single day – from climate change, teachers’ rights, the empowerment of women, and education to safeguarding cultural heritage and fostering dialogue and cooperation among nations…” The internship gave Fabricio hands-on experience about the workings of a major intergovernmental organization. It also confirmed his interest in pursuing a career in diplomacy and international cooperation upon graduating from Lake Forest with degrees in international relations and economics.

Sordoni, a French minor, also studied abroad with the College’s Beijing program.