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United States and Russia:The Two Great Powers Indispensable?

Adjunct assistant professor of politics, Aleksandar Jankovski, will be published in two journals and as a book chapter dealing with the current US-Russian relations.

Adjunct assistant professor of politics Aleksandar Jankovski has several new publications. The article “Russia and the United States: On Irritants, Friction, and International Order, or What Can we Learn from Hedley Bull,” will appear next year in International Politics. Professor Jankovski argues that the present low-point in US-Russian relations does not negate the existence of order between the two great powers under President Barack Obama and Russian Presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin.   An edited version of the article will appear, next year, as a book chapter, titled “The Russian Federation and the West: The Problem of International Order,” in Roger Kanet, ed., The Russian Challenge to the European Security Environment (Palgrave).  A second article, “The Russian Federation, the United States, and International Order as a Social Construct,” appears in Stosunki Międzynarodowe – International Relations, a leading Polish journal on international relations/global politics (Vol. 52, No. 2, September 2016).  Jankovski advances two principal claims.  First, the historical record demonstrates that the political leaderships of the United States and Russia are mindful of common interests, values, principles, norms and rules and see themselves as interacting with one another (and other countries) as part of a society of states.  Second, these leaders view their countries as great powers and indispensable to the existence of international society.