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A Forester you should know: Teresa D’Astice

Lake Forest was the first college Chicagoan Teresa D’Astice ’17 ever visited. A high school sophomore at the time, she really liked the campus, location, and reputation.

D’Astice applied to 15 colleges—with Lake Forest and Carthage her top choices. In the end, she chose to become a Forester. This psychology major and double-minor in economics and environmental studies is a Forester you should know.

Q: What drew you to Lake Forest College?

A: “I took an unofficial tour as a sophomore with a friend’s sister who went here. I came back for two official tours, as a junior and again as a senior. I liked the College’s size, the smaller classrooms where you can get to know your professors, the location by the lake and in the forest, and the distance from my house. It’s far enough from home to be away, but not too far. It’s a nice, safe place and the campus is beautiful. I knew in high school I wanted to major in psychology, and I heard the psychology department here was really good.”

Q: Have you had experiences here—besides your classes—that have helped prepare you for your future career?

A: “I’m involved in a lot of clubs and organizations that I never thought I’d be a part of. And I’ve taken executive positions in those groups, which I never did in high school. I’m president of the Psychology Club, I did public relations last year for LEAP—the environmental club. I’m also the treasurer and traffic director for the student radio station, WMXM. And I have a show. Last spring, I was in the In The Loop program where I did an internship at an outpatient therapy center. This semester I’m interning at Vista Medical Center in inpatient/outpatient therapy.”

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: “I hang out with friends and go to the city. I like to go to comedy clubs, restaurants, and concerts. I go to a lot of concerts.”

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: “I will be going to graduate school somewhere within the realm of clinical therapy. Having two different internships is definitely helping me narrow down what I want to do long term; so far, I really enjoy family counseling and working with adolescents. Ideally, I will work in a high school or college setting for individual therapy, while also facilitating family or marital counseling elsewhere.” 

Q: Any advice for new students?

A: “Definitely get involved on campus. There’s a lot of stuff to get involved in. Step out of your comfort zone. Take every opportunity you can now, while it’s all present. You won’t have these opportunities after you graduate.” 

Q: Parting Words?

A: “Don’t take for granted the resources that are given to you here. “