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Master of Liberal Studies

Monica Kielawa to Graduate from MLS Program

Monica Kielawa ’16 receives her master’s degree in liberal studies this weekend.  She shares her experience and goals for the future.

Once Monica Kielawa had settled into her Chicago home after moving from Arizona, she decided it was time to continue on to her master’s degree. While looking around trying to find the perfect fit, she stumbled upon the MLS program at Lake Forest College and knew this was the type of program she wanted. She said her advisor thought she was crazy to take two courses a semester, but she knew she could do it. Two years later, on the eve of her graduation, she says, “I feel more accomplished than ever!” Monica has just accepted a new promotion with her current employer, and is eager to continue her education after graduation by taking Spanish courses to better her communication skills with the new employees the company is hiring. Her ten-year plan is to complete her certification in Professional Human Resource Management and Project Management, and then apply for her doctorate, finishing it before she turns 35 years old.

“My experience in the MLS Program has been fulfilling and astounding, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful but challenging endeavor. I want to take the time to thank Carol Gayle and the instructors for a wonderful two years, and I also want to thank my family (especially my mom and dad) who have stood by me throughout this entire process. This degree is dedicated to my mom; your strength and determination make me want to be a better woman each and every single day. You are the reason I want to better myself, I love you!”