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Communications and Marketing

Strategic insight

Interning at DuPuis Group, a Chicago branding and innovation agency, is a big break for Nina Radakovich ’16, a business major and communication minor.

The Traverse City, Michigan, native works three days a week as a strategy and insights intern helping businesses build existing brands and craft breakthrough products, ideas, and business models. 

“I manage different projects alongside the strategy team, perform market research and trend analysis, and help develop new business ventures,” she said. Clients range from international icons, like Pepperidge Farm, to local firms, including CH Distillery.

Forester Elliot Luke ’11, an associate strategist at DuPuis, serves as a valuable mentor. “There is something so cool about experiencing the professional world alongside someone who understands my liberal arts roots,” she said.

Lessons learned during her internship have been many, but there’s been one main takeaway for Radakovich. “Education focuses on teaching students to answer the ‘what’ questions. This internship has taught me that strategic thinking is about answering the ‘why’ questions. Why do people behave the way they do? Why should consumers care about this brand?,” she said.

Learning to shift her mindset has brought Radakovich insight. “Once you open yourself up to new ideas and solutions, you can better understand how you can make an impact on the world around you,” she said. 

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