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Communications and Marketing

Political watchdog

Sarah Brune ’13 appeared on FOX 32 News Chicago commenting on a politician’s use of campaign funds to make a personal loan to his wife.

“Campaign funds don’t exist to benefit the friends and family of a candidate. That’s not the purpose of them. They are to elect a candidate to a public office,” said Brune, the deputy director of Illinois Campaign for Political Reform (ICPR).

Brune is a politics and communication major from Lake Forest College who joined ICPR in January 2015 after meeting Susan Garrett ’94, a Lake Forest alumnae who founded the organization and serves on its board. The two met at a Lake Forest College All Access alumni mixer in Chicago

At the time, Brune was the associate director for the Uptown Chamber of Commerce on Chicago’s north side, where she worked on community organizing and economic development. Through the College’s strong alumni networking program, Brune made this key career connection.

Brune gained valuable experience toward her future career goals through an internship working for a Chicago alderman, where she focused on communication and local government administration

Click here to view the FOX 32 video clip.