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Communications and Marketing

Early advantage

Marcel Tatum ’17 earned a spot in the prestigious JP Morgan Early Advantage Program thanks to a Forester alumnus who reached out to Lake Forest candidates.

Tatum was among the best-qualified college students chosen to participate in the networking and career discovery program held in New York City. Of the 1,600 students from across the country who applied, JP Morgan invited only 119 students to participate. Tatum, a double major in economics and politics, was among students from Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, New York University, University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon, University of Virginia, Georgetown, Cornell, Vassar, and Notre Dame.

Over the course of two days, Tatum met with JP Morgan’s senior leaders, colleagues, and some of the most-talented students from diverse backgrounds across the country. While building his network, Tatum participated in personal branding workshops and leadership training sessions designed to position him for career success.

“Attending this event helped me realize the diverse opportunities available in the financial services industry and how well a liberal arts education prepares one for these various roles,” Tatum said. 

Tatum also met one-on-one with Forester Eric Stovicek ’80 of JP Morgan, who turned to the College for applicants.

“It was a pleasure to meet Marcel and it was of great value to JPMorgan to meet him,” Stovicek said. “This is a good start to assisting Lake Forest students who are interested in financial careers.”

“The JP Morgan Early Advantage Program and meeting with Eric gave me some great insights into a possible career in this industry,” Tatum said.