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Prairie planting

More than three dozen prairie wildflowers were planted in Revery Prairie on Middle Campus on a sunny afternoon in May.

The specimen plants, including blue cohosh and wild senna, will help fill in the triangle of land between Young Hall and the Mohr Student Center. “The larger plants will offer some visual interest while the seeded plants come in,” said Ben Goluboff, associate professor of English and a member of the Campus Sustainability Committee.

Earlier in the spring, the triangle’s grass area was sprayed with herbicide, leaving a border of lawn next to the sidewalks. “Spraying the lawn is an important first step in restoration so that native plants and seeds can be reintroduced,” said James S. Kemper Foundation Professor of Liberal Arts and Business Jeffrey Sundberg, chairman of the Campus Sustainability Committee.

The recent planting marks the latest phase of restoration on Revery—a 200-year project to bring back the natural ecosystems that once thrived on the land now housing Lake Forest College. Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Glenn Adelson and his students broke ground on the project in the fall of 2013 and seeded the beds in spring 2014 with a variety of native prairie perennials, including wild bermagot, Joe Pye weed, and thimbleweed.