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Economics, Business, and Finance

Alum to teach Economics at Smith College

Mariyana Zapryanova ’09 will begin her teaching career at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts this Fall.  Mariyana, who studied economics and math at Lake Forest College, receives her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison next month.

As a graduate student, Mariyana was particularly interested in research in public economics and applied microeconomics, completing her dissertation on “Three Essays on the Economics of Crime,” which explored the effects of time in prison and time on parole on recidivism.  She tells us she is “extremely excited to start both my teaching and research career in a liberal arts environment, and even more delighted to be joining such a highly-ranked college like Smith. The job market was very tough, and I am sure I will face many more difficulties as an assistant professor. However, I feel ready for these challenges because I really want to return to a liberal arts college and to influence students in similar ways that I was by my undergraduate professors. My time at Lake Forest College was transformative – from engaging in research with a faculty member following my freshman year to the friends I made in and out of the classroom to the writing of my senior thesis that led me to graduate school.  The people I encountered and my experiences over those four years fundamentally changed who I was.”  Mariyana’s new title at Smith College will be Assistant Professor of Economics.