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Communications and Marketing

Making the case

James P. Gorter Professor of Islamic World Studies and Professor of Sociology Ahmad Sadri spoke on the need for a liberal arts education in a Lake Forest High School TED-style talk on April 16.

“My argument for Liberal Arts Education was that ‘pure learning’ and ‘collaborative thinking’ is not only great dialogic education in the tradition of our great sages—Socrates and Rumi, but it is also good for its dividends,” Sadri said.

The dividends, as Sadri explained, are “a vibrant democracy upheld by citizens who have learned the habits of disinterested search for truth and competent negotiation of differences, an innovative workforce that has practiced swimming against the tides of habit and cliches and, scientific minds to look out for the collective interest of our national and global communities,” he said.

TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that brings people together to share a TED-like experience. This all-day event, which featured 21 speakers, was the first for  TEDxLakeForestHighSchool. 

Sadri’s talk will be available online in May.