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International consulates come to campus

Lake Forest College welcomed several international consulates and trade representatives to campus Wednesday, November 10. 

More than 50 students attended this year’s Consulate Conference on International Trade. They participated in small group discussions with visiting consulate representatives from South Africa, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Romania, and Bulgaria. The students were given the opportunity to interact with the visitors and ask them questions before listening to the keynote speaker, Maria Velez de Berliner ’87, president of the Latin Intelligence Corporation. She spoke about the challenges and opportunities surrounding international trade. The event ended with a panel discussion based on questions from the audience.

The event gave students interested in international relations first hand experience talking with real professionals about their interests and concerns. Several Lake Forest groups including the Mojekwu Fund, Center for Chicago Programs, Economics and Business, International Relations, Latin American Studies, and Asian Studies departments sponsored the opportunity. This was the second year the College hosted a consulate visit event.