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Communications and Marketing

Connecting with professionals

Fifty years after graduating from Lake Forest, insurance expert Tony Todd ’63 still gives back by bringing business professionals to campus for Saturday discussions with students.

The roundtable sessions cover a wide range of topics and include the all-important view from the inside. “We’ve dealt with general thinking in business today, the pitfalls and good things, and how to watch out for both,” Todd said. “We’ve even talked about things like age distribution in an organization, so students can begin to look for that when they prepare for an interview.”

The February session drew some 20 students eager to meet Eunice Sullivan, a founding owner of S&P Tax Solutions, Ltd., a firm specializing in accounting, tax, and consulting services. 

“It was a really valuable experience to hear about how her career in accounting developed, especially as a woman in a male-dominated field,” said Sharon Kwong ’16, a finance major and math minor.

Providing access to that information is important to Todd, who began the Saturday sessions after meeting dozens of students at Speed Networking last fall. “You need to take what you’ve got and share it so these students, in another 40 years or so, will do the same thing,” Todd said.

Finance major Khaleef Rehman ’18 attended the session with Sullivan and appreciates Todd’s efforts at giving back. “This was a great opportunity to meet and get advice from professionals from my field,” he said.