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Communications and Marketing

Breaking news

Jennifer Aguirre ’15 spent three months working as an evening news intern at WGN-TV in Chicago—her second internship related to her major.

Working in the television newsroom, Aguirre learned how to input video, produce online reports and promotions, and edit story footage.

“I wanted this internship to learn more about the role of the producer,” the communication major and Florida native said. “I was fortunate to work very closely with the 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. supervising producers.” Aguirre now understands what skills and knowledge she needs to work as a television news producer after graduation. 

Aguirre, who is minoring in politics, also completed a semester-long internship at the IHA News Agency in Washington D.C.—an experience that helped her land the WGN assignment.

“Between my two internships, I have learned how to do a lot—from filming to reporting to editing,” she said. “I don’t have to limit my options on what I can do after graduation.”

The College’s close proximity to Chicago gives students access to abundant internships at places like Rolling Stone magazine, Chicago Board of Trade, Field Museum, Chicago Blackhawks, and many others.