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Communications and Marketing

Ready for anything

Kathleen Stralka ’16 felt prepared starting her internship at the Securities Exchange Commission’s regional Chicago office.

The Forester women’s basketball forward already knew how to use some of the legal databases integral to the job—thanks in part to her legal studies classes—and found reading and understanding the complex documents a breeze.

“My reading skills are so much better after being at the College,” she said. “It’s made it easier to read these complex contracts, figure out what’s happening, and break it down into a several-sentence summary.”

What Stralka learned on the job as an enforcement intern in the SEC trial unit fits in well with her politics major and finance minor.

“I’m responsible for assisting trial unit attorneys with anything related to their investigations,” the Chicago native said. 

“This has definitely given me some insight as to what type of job I would be interested in,” Stralka said.

While a summer internship working for a Chicago alderman provided a people-focused experience, the SEC job is more research-heavy. “I’d like to find a happy medium between those two for a career,” she said.

Completing two internships will guide Stralka after graduation. Whether it’s grad school, law school, or pursuing a PhD, “I feel prepared,” she said.