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Relic of the Bard

George Koppelman, a rare-book dealer who believes he purchased William Shakespeare’s personal dictionary on eBay, met with students during a campus visit.

In his only upcoming Chicago-area appearance, Koppelman of New York shared the story of discovering the heavily annotated 16th Century reference book online and why he and his business partner, Daniel Wechsler, believe it belonged to the greatest writer in the English language.

Koppelman and Wechsler studied the dictionary printed in 1580 for six years, going word-by-word through each line, and shared their results in their own book, Shakespeare’s Beehive: An Annotated Elizabethan Dictionary Comes to Light, published in April 2014.

News of their discovery has been covered worldwide.

Dustin Mengelkoch, assistant professor of English and chair of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, interviewed Koppelman.  

Koppelman’s visit coincided with the theater department’s staging of As You Like It, which will use the original Shakespearean script in a modern setting. The production will be performed in the Allan Carr Theater in Hixon Hall at 7:30 p.m. November 20-22. Tickets are $3 for students and senior citizens; $7 for adults.