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American Marketing Association Members Volunteer

Student members of the American Marketing Association (AMA) volunteered at the Prairie State Marathon with proceeds being donated to the Northern Illinois Food Bank

On the bright and early fall morning of October 11, 2014, students from the American Marketing Association (AMA) volunteered for their second year at the Prairie State Marathon and Half Marathon run throughout Independence Grove, Libertyville, Illinois. Proceeds were donated to the Northern Illinois Food Bank. 


Along the beautiful trail, student volunteers set up water stations and supported the parched marathon runners with loud cheers and much-needed beverages. “The runners’ energy and their determination was so much fun to watch and even better to be a part of,” said Lauren McDermott, VP of Communications for AMA.


AMA is a student-run professional organization on campus that strives to make a positive impact on the college and the community and provides students with the opportunity to make connections and build skills for future careers. “AMA members not only have a chance to professionally grow and learn with exclusive opportunities, but they can also give back to the community together as Foresters,” said Elina Yufa, president of AMA.


AMA meetings are held every Thursday at 5pm in the Pierson Rooms. For questions, contact Elina Yufa at yufae@mx.lakeforest.edu.


The Prairie State Marathon is organized by All Community Events. Find them at www.allcommunityevents.com.