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Alum named to Neurology editorial board

Michael White ’07 was named to the editorial board of Neurology, the official journal of The American Academy of Neurology.

White will serve on the Resident & Fellow Section of the globally distributed professional journal.

A biology major at Lake Forest College, White currently is a third-year resident physician in neurology at Washington University in St. Louis.

White credits his three years’ working on Eukaryon, the Lake Forest College biology department undergraduate research journal, with landing the prestigious Neurology assignment.

“That experience definitely made me interested in scientific literature,” White said.

His writing training at the College and experience reviewing other peoples’ work gave White the skills and confidence to continue at the professional level, he said.

“If I had not had this exposure in college, I doubt whether I now would have been able to do this,” White said.

In his application for Neurology, White referred to his time working on Eukaryon “more than my experience in medical school and my residency training.”

He believes his undergraduate experience working on the peer review board gave him an edge.

“I don’t have any other experience that would open that door for me,” White said.