Introducing the Resume Referral Program

Referrals play such important parts in today’s job or internship search. The right connection can give someone an opportunity of a lifetime to learn and develop their career. With this in mind, the Career Advancement Center created the resume referral program. The program allows participating students to be connected to opportunities that may not be otherwise posted or advertised via ForesterLink.

80% of jobs are never publicly advertised and more and more organizations are relying heavily on their employees to refer qualified candidates into the organization. Networking is therefore a key component to any successful internship or job search. The Career Advancement Center has created the Resume Referral Program to help students access the Lake Forest network and succeed in today’s job market.*

How do I apply?
Students interested in the program will need to complete this form and upload their resume into ForesterLink in the “Resume Referral Program” category to be eligible to participate (go to My Account > My Documents). 

When do I get referred?
When an alum or employer has an opportunity, students who match the employer’s criteria based upon their form submission will be referred to that employer. A notification will be sent whenever you get referred. It will be very important for you to keep your form submissions and resume up-to-date at a minimum every semester. 

Who should participate?
Any student or alum interested in being connected to organizations, alumni, or different opportunities, whether they be part-time jobs, internships, or full-time employment should participate. We encourage all Lake Forest College students to participate!

What are the Terms and Conditions?
Review the Resume Referral Program Terms and Conditions and contact the Career Advancement Center at with questions. 


*NOTE: This program should not replace a diversified internship or job search strategy and should be used in conjunction with tools such as ForesterLink, networking and informational interviews, and career/networking events. Meet with your career advisor to discuss these options. The opportunities contained in this program are not less than or better than the opportunities found on ForesterLink or other online job boards.