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Become a Forester Career Network volunteer

The Forester Career Network connects Lake Forest College students with alumni, parents, and friends of the College to further their career development. The most important requirement is a willingness to share your time and career expertise with students.

The Career Advancement Center’s (CAC) goal is to have 700 career network volunteers by mid-September. 

As a Career Network Volunteer, you have control over the degree to which you participate in the program. When you complete your profile, you can select the types of activities you would like to be involved with. When a student reviews your profile he/she will see what activities you are willing to support (i.e., informational interviewing, résumé review, etc.).

A student will contact you directly through the “Forester Career Network” system regarding his/her inquiries. By becoming a Career Network Volunteer you can make the difference in a student’s life. Each student at Lake Forest College is at a different career stage, but with your guidance, you can provide a clearer path and a greater understanding of the possibilities. By discussing your career journey, you can help build a strategy with your student that works. Career Network Volunteers help build the Lake Forest College community and brand while fostering new talent in their industry. The amount and kind of support is completely up to you.

To register as a Career Network Volunteer, please create an online profile in our Forester Career Network database. Completing the profile should take only a few minutes.

When you set your profile online, you can decide what level of participation you would like to volunteer for, from offering advice via email, to meeting in person, to referring them to a hiring manager in your company. You can also set the number of students you wish to be contacted by per month. The amount of time you spend with each student will depend upon your own schedule and that student’s needs.

In the event that you need to temporarily discontinue being a Career Network Volunteer, we ask that you communicate this information to your mentees and to the Career Advancement Center so that your profile can be deactivated.

At Lake Forest, students from their first year to their senior year are seeking career advice. Some have a work history, others have never had a job. Students may look to you for career insight and information. Or, they may ask for your feedback on their résumés, interviewing, or networking skills. You are making a difference in students’ lives by providing, open, honest, and constructive feedback and advice.